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How we can help you

Go to Plan for growth

Plan for growth

Even the most successful agencies need help to plan their future. Provend can help you step back and plan strategic growth.

Go to structuring your agency

structuring your agency

The right deal can often depend on how the agency is structured. Provend can help you develop the optimum shape.

Go to finding a buyer

finding a buyer

It can take time to find the right buyer for your agency. Provend has an extensive network of potential investors.

Go to managing third parties

managing third parties

As well as investors, you may need to find lawyers and advisers. Provend can work with all third parties on your behalf.

EVENT: NEW TECH YOUR CLIENTS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT. Running a marketing agency means you're constantly looking to add value to your client work. Come along and find out more about some exciting new tech that you can introduce to your campaigns. 8th November 5.30-7.30pm, Platform, New Station Street, Leeds LS1 4JB.